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Get Ready For Autumn With Harvey Heating

As the leaves start to fall it signifies Autumn is just around the corner.

With the colder months starting to set in, now is the perfect time to make sure your boiler is in full working order. In this blog we discuss how Harvey Heating can get you ready for Autumn.

Boiler Service

During Summer the need for your central heating is non-existent, but with the return of the colder weather on the horizon it’s always best to get your boiler checked and serviced now to make sure you’re ready to heat your home.

At Harvey Heating all of our engineers are OFTEC and Gas Safe registered meaning you can rest assured they have the skill set to safely service your boiler. Plus, we can also provide advice and suggestions if we feel your boiler could be coming to the end of it’s life and you could benefit from an newer model.

Boiler Repairs

The worst-case scenario is your boiler breaking down during the coldest temperatures, so with our 24-hour emergency call out service we can get to you as soon as possible to carry out repairs and get your home warm again.

If you suspect something may be wrong such as you’re boiler pilot light keeps going out, your water doesn’t stay consistently hot then we encourage you to call us straight away to avoid any emergency situations further down the line.

Steps You Need To Follow

As well as enlisting the help of Harvey Heating, you can also carry out some checks yourself before Winter sets in, these include…

  • Check your thermostat – make sure it is in the correct position for your heating system
  • Bleed your radiators – this releases any air that may stop heating following through freely.
  • Check external pipes – ensure all of your pipes on the exterior of your home are intact and in full working condition.

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