Power Flushing

If your central heating system and heating appliances no longer perform to the correct standard, they could require power flushing. Harvey Heating can ensure all your heating appliances are thoroughly cleaned with a high-quality and professional power flushing service in the Yorkshire area including Northallerton, Richmond, Teesside and Darlington.

Power flushing can be used on several different appliances to ensure that heat is emitted correctly. This service is carried out to keep your heating appliances in fantastic condition.

Your Heating System can encounter blockages and sludge build ups if it is not correctly maintained throughout the year. That’s where Power Flushing comes in…

Power flushing is a special process we use to pump water at a high rate to remove and dislodge any sludge and debris that can build up in your radiators, pipework, pumps and boiler for example. The water contains key chemicals and strong magnets which pull away the grime from the pipes and allow your system to run at full capacity. Our power flushing systems not only work effectively but they will also protect your central heating systems for years to come!

How To Detect If Your Heating System Needs Power Flushing

You may not know it but your Heating System could require some well needed maintenance. Here are some of the signs you should be looking out for.

  • Dirty water bleeding from your radiators
  • Cold spots in your radiators
  • Loud noises from pipes and your boiler
  • Radiators taking excessive time to heat up
  • Blocked Pipes

Why You Should Get A Power Flush

    Save money on your energy bills
    Improved system and radiator reliability
    A warmer home
    Increase system lifespan
    Reduced noise from pipes and your boiler

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