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LPG Boilers

Serving North Yorkshire and beyond for 20 years

Harvey Heating provide installation, servicing and repairs to LPG boilers throughout North Yorkshire, Richmond, Northallerton, Darlington, Teesside and the surrounding areas.  

By regularly servicing your boiler, you will keep performance at the highest standard, allowing it to work efficiently all year round. Even if there is not an issue with your boiler, servicing can still help sustain its performance and increase longevity whilst reducing any risks of damage to your property.

What Are LPG Boilers?

LPG boilers are more commonly known as LPG Combi Boilers. This type of boiler provides on-demand heating by heating water when the source is turned on. This maximises efficiency and saves money for households.

These boilers combine a water heater and central heating boiler in one unit, saving space within your home. They heat water which then provides central heating through the radiators and hot water taps in your home. This keeps the boiler efficiency high throughout your home.

Our team of LPG Boiler specialists are always on hand to carry out repairs and servicing of your existing LPG Boiler, as well as covering any installation needs.

LPG Boiler Installation Services

As a Gas Safe and OFTEC registered company all our staff members are fully qualified and trained to deal with every type of boiler. Whether you require repairs, installations or just check-ups in the Yorkshire area Harvey Heating & Plumbing Services can provide it.

Our installations will be provided swiftly so there is no hassle caused to your everyday life. All jobs will be completed with safety in mind and we will ensure your LPG boiler is in good condition for use on a daily basis. Without regular servicing boilers could become very dangerous, so it is always important for the right team to check your boiler and provide the correct repairs.

Our team can always give you advice on what service you require and whether a check-up should be completed. No matter what your problem is, we will find the best solution for all our clients.

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