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Gas Boilers

Serving North Yorkshire and beyond for 20 years

Here at Harvey Heating, we believe that at the heart of every household needs to be a high efficiency boiler to provide the correct amount of hot water and warmth all year round. That’s why we supply and install high quality gas boilers throughout Yorkshire all year round.


If you’ve found yourself wanting to find out what exactly makes Gas Boilers so popular, we’ve listed just some of the fantastic benefits below…

  • Energy efficient: Natural gas is one of the most efficient fuels for boiler operations.
  • Cost effective: Natural gas is one of the cheapest fuels available for hot water supply and with our supply and installation of high-quality boilers; this helps to keep your energy costs on the lower side.
  • Convenience: Natural Gas is a convenient fuel for boiler purposes. It allows you to keep all gas inside the boiler instead of having external storage tanks for gas supplies. Gas is easily supplied into the home through pipes, without you needing to do anything extra.

Natural Gas Boilers are also extremely dependable in any weather. As long as your boiler is connected through a gas line, supply of heating should never be a problem. This keeps efficiency high without risk of lack of heating. Gas is one of the cleanest fuels for boilers and doesn’t generate dirty emissions. This keeps your house smelling great and minimises pollution.

Our Installations & Repairs

When installing a gas boiler, they will always be provided in the best condition to work at the highest standard. New boilers are around 90% efficient with boilers over ten years old typically around 80% efficient. We ensure there is complete safety with every gas boiler installation that we make.

Gas boilers can become a risk if they are not serviced regularly or correctly. Gas leaks can occur but this is very rare. Keeping your boiler serviced and ensuring it is always working to its optimum performance will reduce the risk of leaks and keep your boiler functioning correctly for a long period of time.

To find out how Harvey Heating can cover your Gas Boiler needs, speak to our team of experts.

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